Special Appreciation

Tawani Foundation

The Tawani Foundation is a private foundation founded in 1995. It supports preservation of military heritage, conservation and preservation of historical sites, health and wellness and landmark gifts and grants. There is an emphasis on promoting the ideal of the "Citizen Soldier". The Foundation has also extensively supported awards and programs of ROTC and JROTC throughout the United States.

Tawani Foundation’s vision is to affect significant transformation of organizations and educational programs that enrich knowledge, preserve military heritage, improve health and wellness and conserve unique sites for enduring positive impact on individuals, communities and societies.

Tawani Foundation has been a generous partner over many years. We are grateful to them for their extraordinary and longstanding support.

Ada S. Mckinley

Ada S. McKinley, Chicago social reformer and settlement leader, founded the South Side Settlement House in 1919. Her settlement house and community programs played a vital role in the city’s South Side communities during the post-war period and era of heavy African American migration from the South to Chicago.

Today, her extraordinary South Side Settlement House has become Ada S. McKinley Community Services, Inc., a comprehensive, responsive community-based organization working to enable positive change in the lives of individuals and families, thereby strengthening the communities in which they live and work.

For years the Ada S. McKinley Foundation has effectively managed our citywide tree distribution operation.